Stop doing this to NOT make a fool of yourself

Ever since I’ve been on the internet, I’ve seen creators using these tactics in the name of marketing. It not only frustrates people but also prevents creators to grow faster.

But the fact is that these so-called marketing tips are so overrated that everyone on the internet uses them. One month ago, I stopped using these tactics and found that my results are improving, more and more people are subscribing to my newsletter.

They eagerly wait for me to publish my content. It boosts my stories. I got from 0 to 55 subscribers. But it’s all in one month. And they are increasing every day.

So, that was the fairy tale. Now let’s come to the business, what are those marketing tactics I stopped using that boosted my growth?

#1 Asking People to Like, Share, And Subscribe

This is one of the most useless things you can do online.

Whether it is LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Medium; it doesn’t matter.

You’ll find this everywhere. People ask to like, share, and subscribe as if I never knew these options existed.

Some even go as far as telling us which button to press.


                   Excuse me, sir — but I’m not using the internet for the first time. I already know how to do all this!


Truthfully speaking, none of these make a difference to the amount of engagement to your posts.

A useful CTA should be the one that gives you real growth and have a strong reason. It should scream the benefits when you’ll click on it.


                  Confused? Here’s an example –


Everyone knows that you can subscribe to the writers’ newsletter on Medium. But no one gives a sh!t about it unless you don’t give them a strong reason. So, here is people’s reward— I’m giving them free access to my new ebook.

I’m writing an ebook about Medium. I’m going to publish it by the end of the year. But before that, I need to build a mailing list, so I can get my first few subscribers to give testimonials for it.

You can offer people a ton of rewards. If you’re not a son of a billionaire, you can offer them free access to your premium products. This is not only cost-effective, but it also helps you to get more reviews and ratings.

Another strong reason can also be telling people the benefits they will get after clicking the link. The question you’ve to find an answer to is what will people get extra if they do this?

#2 Bombarding readers with CTA’s

I hate this one.

People, especially those who are new, tend to add multiple links in between their posts to reap the most out of the least. But, “Zero to One” doesn’t work here.

Instead, the exact opposite happens. When writing a post or article, you should be clear about your aim. What’s your main goal to get from this article?

This is the question I ask myself before writing an article. If you add multiple links in between your articles, it overwhelms the readers. They do not know where to go after reading this.

That’s why I always put a CTA at the end, even Better Marketing prefers you to put a CTA at the end of your article. It’s a piece of unpopular advice that most of us struggle to follow.

#3 Cold Emailing

Technically, this is not marketing advice. But still, a lot of freelancers follow this to get hired. But I think this isn’t what you should be doing.

Because every month, I receive at least 1–3 emails from people telling me to hire them for making my banners, logos, ghostwriting, etc. And it sucks, no matter how good emails they write. It feels like all they are after all is money.

It makes you seem desperate. So instead, build a lead magnet where you showcase your skills. Create a gateway for ready-to-buy clients.

I always prefer the ways where you’re the master and people come to you, instead of you copy-pasting the same email template everywhere. When I use to do this, people treated me like a crazy piece of sh!t, willing to do anything they want.

You’ve both ways to go. It depends on you, which one will you choose? Cold emailing or a platform where you are in demand?

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